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Good News from 2020

Todd Nettleton of VOM Radio recently talked with Jonathan Ekman, The Voice of the Martyrs’ Vice President for International Ministry. Read part of their interview below. (Edited and condensed.)

Todd: Jonathan, are there some good news stories?

Jonathan: How about surprising news?

Todd: Okay.

Jonathan: We are just in the middle of a global pandemic, and that had a tremendous impact on our work. But one of the kinds of unanticipated good news stories out of that was Bible distribution. We really thought when all the lockdowns started we are in trouble, how are we going to move Bibles?

What we found, almost without exception, is that we have still been able to distribute Bibles. In one unique case, there is a country where we have had Bibles staged for a couple of years and have been unable to get them into the target country. Now with the COVID lockdown, suddenly the borders were much easier to cross, and we were able to move 40,000 Bibles into one of the most restricted countries in the world during the lockdown because of COVID.

Todd: Wow!

Jonathan: I think for me that was one of the best stories of the year for me, that even in the midst of all of those things we were able to see that happen.

To Think About
What are three things that happened in 2020 that you would like to thank God for?