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Gabrael Finds New Hope

(Source: VOM Australia)

Gabrael was born into a Muslim family in Malaysia. Sadly, his mother left the family when Gabrael was a baby. His father has three wives. (Islam, the religion of Muslims, teaches that men can be married to several women at the same time. Learn more here.)

After hearing the gospel, Gabrael trusted in Jesus as his Lord and Savior. He agreed to be baptized. Then he called his father and told him he was no longer going to follow Islam. His father was angry and began yelling at Gabrael on the phone. Gabrael was startled and hurt. But he still wanted to be baptized.

On the day of his baptism, Gabrael was excited. A VOM worker said, “There was so much joy in his face and his eyes sparkled. He gave the biggest ‘yes’ when he publicly confirmed that he wanted to be baptized.”

Gabrael decided to attend a Bible study with other former Muslims. He hopes to become a pastor someday and to reconnect with his father.