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Prisoner’s Son Kicked Out of School

A Christian in prison in Iran is asking for prayer for his son. The father, Ali, was arrested for his participation in a house church. He is being kept in a prison separate from other Christians who were also arrested. He says other prisoners often insult him because of his faith in Christ.

Being in prison is difficult, but Ali has another problem: his son was expelled from school because Ali was arrested. Worrying about his family has overwhelmed Ali at times. But he says he is learning to turn to God in these moments. He trusts that both his life and his family’s lives are in God’s hands.

He told a VOM partner that he is thankful for all the Christians around the world who are standing alongside him as he endures this situation. Pray for Ali in prison, and pray for his family outside the prison as they deal with challenges without their husband and father.

(Source: icommittopray)