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A Mom in Trouble and a Birthday

North Korean homes

When a fire broke out at a home in North Korea early last year, a mother who lived in the house raced inside to save her two children from the flames. The children were injured, but they got out safely.

Do you suppose the mother was honored as a hero? She was not. According to news reports, the government considered putting her in jail. While she was able to rescue her children, she did not have time to save the pictures of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il hanging on her wall.

Bowing to Statues and Guarding Pictures
North Korea is a communist country whose first ruler was Kim Il Sung. After he died, his son Kim Jong Il took his place. Then Kim Jong Il died, and his son Kim Jong Un is now the leader.

Christianity is against the law. But there are thousands of statues of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il all over North Korea. Citizens bow and offer gifts to the statues of the men. They are expected to give glory and honor to the former leaders as if they were gods. Laws require homes to display pictures of the dead men, and to guard the pictures carefully. The government does not think the mother who saved her children protected the pictures well enough.

At times is it difficult to know whether news from North Korea is true or not. But North Koreans who hear the story of the mother, whether it is true or not, will be reminded that the government wants them to honor the Kims and their photos and statues instead of worshiping the one true God.

Pray for North Korea
Kim Jong Un’s birthday is on January 8. He was born in 1984. So how old is he this year?

Pray for Kim Jong Un and his country on his birthday. Pray that he will understand the truth of the Good News of Jesus, and will not try to prevent his citizens from learning and following the truth.