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Mina: A Bold Witness

(Source: The January 2021 The Voice of the Martyrs magazine. Photo: Mina witnesses to Muslims)

“Muslims can buy special watches or computer software to remind them of the exact time for prayer. Or they can arrange to have reminders sent to a cell phone or email address. In countries where many Muslims live, reminders appear on TV. Men also call out the prayer times from mosques, either live or on a recording. (Mosques are buildings where Muslims worship.)” — from Learning About Islam, available in the free downloads section.

As a Christian teenager, Mina felt sad when she heard the Muslim calls to prayer in her home country of Indonesia. She wanted the Muslims around her to know about Jesus’ love for them, so she decided to share the gospel with her Muslim neighbors.

Soon after Mina started witnessing to Muslims, seven women began meeting at her home for Bible study! Mina’s pastor connected her with a missionary who guided her as she continued to reach Muslims with the gospel.

A Big Problem
One day, as Mina shared the gospel with people outside a mosque, an angry Muslim rebuked her for witnessing to Muslims. Following his lead, other Muslims nearby grew angry as well. The man hit Mina in the back so hard that she nearly fell over. “Please pray for me. I am facing a big problem here,” Mina texted her friends.

As her friends prayed, Mina calmly shared her faith with the angry man. Then she called a taxi to take her home. As soon as she got in the car, she started crying. “I was crying because the Holy Spirit really helped me,” she said. “I wasn’t alone, and I knew that.”

She said persecution has increased her faith and that the next time she experiences it, she knows for certain that the Holy Spirit will be with her. “Persecution is something that must happen,” she said, “and I am ready for it.”