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Source: The January 2021 The Voice of the Martyrs magazine

Shahrokh was a drug addict, but he didn’t want to be one. While he was fighting his drug problem, he placed his trust in Christ. After he was freed from his addition, he began sharing his faith with other people who had drug problems.

Officials in Iran, where Shahrokh lives, do not want Iranians to become Christians. But many Muslims in Iran are leaving Islam and following Christ. Islam is the religion of Muslims. (Photo above: Iranian Christians praying.)

A security official called Shahrokh to his office. He wanted to stop him from sharing his faith. The official questioned Shahrokh, sometimes getting angry with his answers.

But the Holy Spirit guided Shahrokh’s replies. Read below what he answered when the official asked him why so many Iranians are turning to Christ.

Shahrokh said:
You cannot stop the work of God.
If a person has a dream of Jesus or [if] God directly reveals Himself in a vision and draws them to Himself, or if he has seen a miracle of Christ and follows after Him, then no one is at fault here.
You cannot block the divine methods God uses to meet human beings.
You can close Christian social activities and house groups or put Christian workers in prison.
But you cannot stop people seeing dreams or visions.
You cannot put Jesus Christ in prison.
You cannot stop the work of the Holy Spirit.
He is at work, and in different ways He reveals the truth to people.
Can you change the hearts and inner lives of people where the Lord dwells?

The official was amazed by Shahrokh’s testimony of God’s power, and he immediately dismissed him. Shahrokh knows they might call him in for questioning again sometime, but so far, he has heard no more from security officials.

To Talk About
Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, the founder of The Voice of the Martyrs, once told an official who was questioning him. “Even if you put all the mathematicians in prison, two plus two will still equal four.” What do you think Pastor Wurmbrand meant by that statement?

In what ways is Pastor Wurmbrand’s statement like Shahrokh’s answer to the Iranian official?