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Egypt: Nenet and Farrin

(Source: VOM Australia; Photo: Boy in Egypt)

Nenet was going to have a baby. Like most people where she lived in Egypt, she had grown up as a Muslim. But she trusted in Christ as her Savior before her baby was born. Her husband was still a Muslim.

Nenet was overjoyed when she gave birth to a son. She prayed that the boy, named Farrin, would one day commit his life to Jesus.

As he grew up, Farrin noticed that his mother never lied, and she conducted herself in a faithful and prayerful manner, always giving her feelings of sorrow and frustration over to God. His dad was not as honest, and was not faithful to his wife. Farrin loved his dad, but was confused by his behavior.

Answered Prayer
One Christmas Eve, Farrin attended a Christian Christmas celebration with his mother. He enjoyed the kind and friendly Christians he met, and he learned more about Jesus’ love for him.

That day, he accepted Jesus as Lord. Nenet was so happy that God answered her prayers for Farrin.

Trouble at Home
But Farrin’s father was NOT happy when he learned that Farrin was attending a Bible study to help him grow in his faith. His father hit him and treated him harshly. But after taking a break from Bible study, Farrin returned, trusting that God would protect him.

Pray that Farrin and Nenet will stand firm in their faith and that God will reveal Himself to Farrin’s father.