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Growing in Faith

Christian kids in India

(Source: My Father’s Business by Brother Bennie.)

Bennie’s first memory of his father was seeing him get beat up by an enemy. His father was a Christian pastor in India, and the enemies were anti-Christian.

The Real World
Bennie knew that his father’s God was real and powerful. But he believed that his father didn’t understand the “real world.” Bennie’s “real world” was his school, where he was teased and bullied by non-Christian classmates.

The students at the school were required to wear uniforms. Most of them had two uniforms. But Bennie and his siblings could afford only two sets of clothes to wear outside the house — one school uniform and one set of church clothes.

Bennie’s class used fountain pens with ink in them. When he stood up, other students squirted ink on his bench. When he sat back down, the ink stained his only school pants.

Bennie took his pants home and scrubbed them. He put coconut shells in the fire, then placed them on a steel plate when they got hot. He picked up the plate with thick napkins, and used his homemade “iron” to try to dry the pants. But sometimes, especially in the winter, the pants would still be damp.

The next day, the other students would laugh at Bennie and say, “He’s wearing wet pants!” Bennie’s parents encouraged him to pray and trust God to help him with all his problems.

Trusting in God
Bennie promised himself that he would make lots of money and enjoy worldly success when he grew up.

But as his parents continued to patiently teach him God’s truth over the years, and as he witnessed God’s faithfulness in his own life, his faith grew. He then understood that it was a privilege to share the gospel around the world, even if doing so required him to sacrifice his own desires.

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