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Not Just for Kids

The review below was written by Nathan Hillanbrand, a college intern at Christian History Magazine. To read his entire blog post about the Torchlighters DVD, The Richard Wurmbrand Story, go to the Torchlighters blog here.

The Richard Wurmbrand Story DVD is available for purchase here or to watch free of charge on RedeemTV.

A set of 16 Torchlighters DVDs, plus the Torchlighters Ultimate Activity Book, is available here.

Student and leader guides for the DVDs are available for free download here and at

The Richard Wurmbrand Story: Not Just for Kids!
By Nathan Hillanbrand

Compelling. Captivating. As a ten-year-old Torchlighter fan, I was riveted watching Olympian Eric Liddell race along a dirt path towards the missionary compound with yet another critically injured Chinese civilian on a makeshift cart, while blasts from the Japanese dive-bombers strike all around him.

Fast-forward to 2020: I am now a college intern reviewing the Torchlighters website. As I scroll through the list of familiar heroes, I come upon a name I don’t recognize at all: Richard Wurmbrand. Although I feel slightly sheepish at my sudden urge to watch a half-hour animated video for kids, I just have to know who this person is. I click on the link.

I am immediately drawn in, once again compelled and captivated. By about halfway through, I’m oblivious to the medium and moved to tears. Somehow, this carefully edited “children’s cartoon” is able to convey great depth of emotion and the gravity of religious persecution.

Then, while viewing their continuing story at the end of the Torchlighters video, I am surprised to discover that the Wurmbrands, after more underground work and re-imprisonment in Romania, escaped to the U.S. and began an international ministry to assist other persecuted Christians. It suddenly strikes me that my earliest learnings about the plight of the persecuted church, including personal stories and prayer maps, were produced by their ministry!

Fascinated, I start looking through the related TL materials. The Wurmbrand student guide has a series of thought-provoking discussion questions and activities connected to the film, like a Morse Code Challenge (used to communicate the gospel in solitary confinement).

Read more of Nathan’s review here.



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