Egypt: A Note on a Bus


One day when Ahmed was 16, he boarded a public bus in his city in Egypt. He noticed that someone had left a note on his seat on the bus. He picked up the note and read, “The Lord Jesus has chosen you for Him.”

Ahmed, a Muslim, was puzzled and curious, and he began a journey of seeking more information about Jesus. He started his journey by reading Christian books.

But when family members found the books in his room, they beat him up. They brought a Muslim religious leader to their house to try to change his mind about seeking Jesus. Then they sent him to Saudi Arabia, where his father owned a factory. He was locked in a small room for seven years until his family allowed him to return to Egypt. They also arranged for him to marry a cousin.

In Egypt, Ahmed was able to get on the Internet and read Christian websites. His faith in Jesus grew. So his family cut off all support for him. Ahmed started a restaurant to earn money. But neighbors burned down the restaurant when they found out he was a Christian.

To Do and To Talk About
*The Bible promises that God answers the prayers of His children. (See James 5:16.) Will you join with other Christians in praying that Ahmed will stay strong in his faith during his times of trouble?
*Talk about who might have left the note on the bus. Do you think they ever found out what happened to the person who found the note? Might they have gotten discouraged if they left notes all over the city, but never found out the results of their witnessing?
*If you knew that leaving a note for someone would result in their being persecuted as a Christian, would you leave it anyway, Why or why not?