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“A Different Happiness”

[Photo: Tavesa]

(Source: The October 2020 issue of The Voice of the Martyrs magazine. Edited for length and clarity.)

Pictures of Hindu gods are displayed on the walls of Tavesa’s house in Nepal. Hindu idols sit on her tables. A poster of Hindu snake idols hangs on her door during a yearly festival.

But Tavesa is a Christian.

Tavesa’s husband died eight years ago. After he died, Tavesa’s Hindu son became the head of the household. He took over Tavesa’s home and forced her to move into his own run-down house. And he began ruling over her, telling her where she could and could not go.

Surrounded by Idols
Tavesa trusted in Christ as her Savior two years after her husband died. Her son believes he is honoring his Hindu father by working to keep his family Hindu. So he tries to force his Hindu beliefs on his mother. He displays the Hindu idols, pictures, and posters in her house and forbids her to move them.

“Peace in My Heart”
“The only thing I can do is pray and ask God to change his heart,” Tavesa said. She hosts monthly prayer meetings in her house. “When there is a prayer meeting in my house, on that day I feel a different happiness or peace in my heart…Jesus is with me, and there are so many people praying for me, so I am not alone.”

Will you join Tavesa in praying that her son will ask Jesus to change his heart?



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