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A Teenager in Kindergarten

[Photo: Schoolboys in Nepal]

The Voice of the Martyrs supports a Christian school in Nepal, where most of the people are Buddhists or Hindus. Thirteen-year-old Sejun was a student at the school. But he was an unusual student, because he was a teenager in kindergarten.

Sejun felt embarrassed about being so much older than the others in his class. “I was learning the alphabet and numbers with small kids,” he said. But he wanted to learn, so he stuck with it.

When Sejun was 4 years old, his parents had sent him to India to become a Buddhist monk. For the next nine years, he memorized and recited only Buddhist books. The teachers treated him harshly, year after year. So he decided to sneak away and go back to Nepal. His parents enrolled him in school so he could learn subjects he had not studied as a monk.

A New Life
While at the Christian school, Sejun learned about Jesus and began attending church. “I found the people in the church to be so loving, kind, and caring,” he said. At 15, Sejun placed his faith in Christ.

Now Sejun is 18. During the three years since he became a Christian, his Buddhist friends and family have persecuted him for his faith. He plans to attend a Bible school and to share his faith with Buddhist friends. “I need to pass my salvation to my circle of friends,” Sejun said.

He prays for those who persecute him. (See Matthew 5:44.) “Since Jesus has borne all the persecution,” he said, “compared to Him our persecution in nothing.”

(Source: October 2020 The Voice of the Martyrs magazine)

To Talk About
How do you think the other kindergarten students treated Sejun when he joined their class? Sejun said he found Christians to be loving, kind, and caring. If the students at school or people at church had made fun of him, do you think he would have wanted to learn more about Christianity?



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