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A Hard Choice in China

[Photo: Chinese boy reading a Bible]

Todd Nettleton of VOM Radio recently talked to Brother Joel, a Christian worker who distributes Bibles in China on behalf of The Voice of the Martyrs. Joel shared stories of how Christians in China are dealing with current conditions in their country. Read part of the interview below.

Todd: What types of work is VOM doing to help meet the needs of Christians in China?

Joel: VOM is doing children’s work. There is a large project; I can’t speak too much about it on the air. But there is a very large project for discipling and evangelizing children that we are in the process of launching. Children’s ministry is number one.

Todd: The Communist Party is very afraid of children hearing the gospel and being discipled. What does that mean for churches that have a Sunday school class for kids or a school that is teaching Christian principles at the school?

Joel: The police have visited those places and told them to stop. They have threatened a lot of people. They have threatened families, and they have threatened children in the schools.

They take even very small children, in kindergarten and first grade, and the teacher stands the children up, and lines them up around the walls of the classroom. Then the teacher goes one-by-one to the children and says, “Do your mom and dad talk about religion? Do you ever talk about Jesus? Are you a Christian?” They are interrogating the children in front of their peers in the classroom where they would be more intimidated. Then they go threaten the families.

Todd: So they turn the children into spies against their own parents?

Joel: They intimidate the children to tell what is going on.

Todd: That is another thing we can add to our prayer list. Pray for the children of Christians to grow in faith and to grow in courage to be able to stand up to that kind of pressure.

(Source: VOM Radio. Edited for length and clarity)

To Talk About
*What does “intimidate” mean?
*Have you ever been “intimidated”?
*The children in the Chinese classes can choose not to tell the truth, or possibly get their parents in trouble. What do you think they should do?



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