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Caught by the Police

Recently Todd Nettleton of VOM Radio interviewed Ed Cannon, the president of the Far East Broadcasting Company. The FEBC uses radio and other technology to reach people all over the world with the gospel. Sometimes they have to secretly smuggle items into countries where the government does not want Christianity to spread.

Once Ed was carrying Christian materials in his pocket on microSD cards, which are small memory cards that can be used in mobile devices. Ed planned to give the memory cards to Christians in Southeast Asia.

But the police stopped Ed and others in his group and questioned them.  Ed told Todd what happened next.

Ed’s Story
I was in jail for one day in a country in Southeast Asia where we were interrogated by the local authorities. When they found that we had Christian content on microSD chips in our pockets, we were escorted into the local police department. We spent about 10 hours there that day.

We had these microSD chips with Christian teaching/preaching on them and they took those from us when we first came. We figured out that they were listening to them in the back room.

At the end of the day, we think we got released because the police wanted to go home and have dinner with their families, so they wanted to shoo us out. When they were releasing us, a man came and gave us back the little plastic bag with the microSD chips in it. He said, “Here, you can have these back.”

But there was only about half as many as we came with. We asked him, “What happened to the rest of the chips?”

The guy whispered and said, “You know what? I listened to those in the back, and I was wondering if I could share those messages with my family? Could I keep a few?”

Of course we said, “Yeah, just keep the whole bag. You can have them all!”

(Source: VOM Radio. Edited for length and clarity)

To Think About
*Do you think Ed wanted to be caught by the police?
*After the police let him go, do you think he was glad he had been caught? Why or why not?
*Has anything ever happened to you that seemed bad at first but turned out good?