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Puzzle Frame Prayer Reminder

A volunteer at The Voice of the Martyrs decorated a picture frame with puzzle pieces to hold a photo of a Christian featured in VOM publications or on VOM websites. She attached the photo from this post to the frame.

Follow the instructions below to make your own puzzle piece frame.

*About 24 pieces from a discarded jigsaw puzzle.
*Cardboard or cardstock.
*A photo from a VOM publication or printed from a VOM website. (Variation: Use a photo of a courageous Christian in your community.)
*White glue.
*Optional: Mod Podge (decoupage medium).

*Cut out the photo, leaving a 1 ½ – inch margin on all sides.

*To make a frame, cut a piece of cardboard or cardstock the same size as the photo, including the margins. Cut out the center of the cardboard leaving a 1 ½ – inch margin on all sides.

*Glue a layer of puzzle pieces single file to the frame, leaving space between the pieces.

*When dry, glue a second layer on top of the spaces between the pieces in the first layer.

*Optional: Apply Mod Podge (decoupage medium) to the puzzle pieces to make them shiny. Let it dry.

*Glue the photo to the back of the frame so the photo shows through to the front. If desired, add a label below the photo with the name of a country or a person.

*Hang up the photo, or if you want to make a stand for the framed photo, fold a 12-inch long by 1 ½ – inch wide cardboard strip into a right triangle, and tape the end shut. Glue or tape one leg of the triangle to the back of the picture vertically so that the stand sits flat on a surface and holds up the photo.

*Pray for the Christian when you see his or her photo.