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Wedding Day in Jail

[Photo: Ramish and Summandi]

One day, Ramish, a young man in India, attended a wedding party where he met a young woman named Summandi. The two became good friends, and Ramish wanted to marry Summandi.

Like the majority of people in India, Summandi’s father was a Hindu.  But Summandi, her mother, and her siblings were Christians, and Summandi did not want to marry a man who did not follow Jesus.

Summandi tried to explain her faith to Ramish, but often they just ended up arguing. Then Ramish became ill with malaria. After he experienced healing through prayer, he trusted in Christ as his Savior, and Summandi agreed to marry him.

Summandi’s father and village leaders did not approve of their plans to have a Christian wedding. Villagers began to plot an attack on the couple. So Ramish and Summandi went to the police station to ask for help. But the police arrested them and put them in jail on false charges! They spent May 30, 2018, the day they had planned to get married, in jail. Their pastor and a woman from their church went to the police station to get Ramish and Summandi released, and the police arrested them, too.

Six weeks later, the four Christians were freed. Ramish and Summandi had a small, quiet wedding ceremony. Since then, they have moved to a new city and started a house church. They are thankful that they have each other, and they know that God will always be with them.

(Source: The September The Voice of the Martyrs magazine. Edited for length, clarity, and age-appropriateness.)

Thankful for Prayer
The woman from Ramish and Summandi’s church wept when she learned about a post on a VOM website about their situation. She was moved to learn about the prayers Christians in the United States had offered when she and the other Christians were in prison.

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