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Encouraging Words

Read 2 Timothy 1:6-7

[Photo: Children in Burma praying]

A VOM worker shared the following encouraging words at VOM chapel recently. After you read them, share them with someone who might need encouragement.

At the beginning of 2020 none of us could have predicted or even imagined what the spring would bring to pass not only in our country but around the world. We may be tempted to think that these are indeed dark and difficult days. Much of our certainty has been stripped away by an unseen virus, economic uncertainty and even social instability.

Each one of us, as followers of Jesus, have been given gifts to be used in order to bring glory to God in our daily lives. These gifts are not only for the good times in our lives, but should also especially be used in the difficult times to glorify our Father and to see His Kingdom advanced in the darkest corners of our world.

Fear is not the spirit we have been given by our Father. In one way, we at The Voice of the Martyrs have a unique opportunity to see this lived out in the daily lives of our brothers and sisters on some of the most difficult mission fields in our world. I am reminded that they are not “super-Christians” but simply faithful brothers and sisters who have taken God’s Word to heart. May we be encouraged and may we be challenged by their life and witness.

When I first began working in Burma, about 20 years ago, my life was changed by the life of John, my first friend in Burma. John wanted to show me some of the villages where our team would be working, doing evangelistic work. That morning before we left for the villages, John asked if we could pray together. He prayed a simple prayer, “Dear Lord, we place our lives in Your hands to do with as You will. We pray only that You might be glorified.” When we got up off our knees I knew that something had changed in me. God had filled my heart with trust and with confidence. I still pray that prayer daily.

These days have given us a fresh connection to the brothers and sisters we serve, who must depend on God daily for the provision of their needs and the confidence to carry out the work He has for them.

As we walk through these uncertain days, may God truly give us a spirit of love, power, and self-control, and may His spirit give us the courage and the confidence to walk through any trial or uncertainty with boldness, believing that He has us in the palm of His hand.



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