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Laos: Courageous Teen

Children in Laos learning Bible stories

VOM contacts have learned about a Christian girl in Laos who had almost finished high school. But she has a problem. Local officials plan to prevent her from getting the final paperwork she needs to graduate, because she was teaching younger children about Jesus.

Most people in Laos are Buddhists, and officials in some areas try to prevent Christians from spreading the gospel. But the police found out that the girl had been teaching a Sunday school class. So they took away her Christian teaching materials, and they wanted her to promise never to teach from those materials again. She replied, “You took my materials away, so there is no point in my promising never to teach again.”

Later she told VOM contacts, “I did not listen to the police. I still had another set of materials.” Now, because of her courage, she may not be able to finish high school. Please pray for her to continue to serve the Lord with courage.

To Do
Can you volunteer to read or tell younger students a story about a courageous believer in the Bible or in a story on this website?



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