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Laos: A Birthday Prayer

The Voice of the Martyrs’ Global Prayer Guide guides Christians in praying for their Christian family around the world. Click here to find more about the guide and an interactive prayer map.

Read below what the guide says about Christians in Laos.

*The Communist government and Buddhist monks persecute Christians. But the church continues to grow.

*Most Laotians practice a version of Buddhism mixed with spirit worship. Many Laotians believe that Christians make the spirits angry.

*House churches and church buildings exist, but most do not have a trained pastor. In most villages, no church buildings are allowed.

*Christians often are unable to get jobs, medical treatment, and education. Lao believers are often arrested and held for up to a week.

[The president of Laos, Bounnhang Vorachith, was born on August 15, 1937. On his birthday, pray that President Vorachith will rule wisely and fairly.]

[Photo: A girl doing chores in Laos]

The Global Prayer Guide also suggests the following prayer needs for President Vorachith’s country.

*Pray that believers will grow in faith by hearing God’s Word on electronic devices where Bibles are not available.

*Pray that evangelists will avoid arrest.

*Pray that young believers will gain the knowledge and maturity to serve God.

*Pray that new believers kicked out of their villages will not waver in faith.

*Pray that shortwave radio broadcasts will reach new hearts and encourage believers.

*Pray that leaders will understand that Christianity is not an American religion, but is for everyone who trusts in Jesus.



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