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India: Pray for Monalisa

[Photo: Christian children in India]

Twelve years ago, angry Hindus in India attacked Christian churches, homes, and families. About 56,000 Christians lost their homes. Workers from The Voice of the Martyrs visit and encourage Indian Christians who still need help after the attacks.

Pastor Dibya, his wife, Puspanjali, and their 10-year-old daughter, Monalisa, lived in the area that was attacked. “When my husband started work here,” said Puspanjali, “only eight families were Christians. When people were sick, he would pray for them and miracles would take place. Just a couple months later, 28 families had come to the Lord.”

Attacks and More Threats
Sadly, Pastor Dibya was one of the Christians who died in the Hindu attacks. Despite her broken heart, Monalisa clung to her faith. “If they want to attack us like they did Papa, don’t worry, Mama, we’ll also stand for Jesus,” she told Puspanjali.

Violent Hindus continued to threaten Christians. So Monalisa and Puspanjali had to leave their village and move in with Monalisa’s grandparents, who were devout Hindus.

Coming Home
Under the grandparents’ influence, Monalisa and Puspanjali began to drift away from their Christian faith little by little. But then, Puspanjali became seriously ill, and doctors were not able to help her. She cried out to the Lord and asked for His forgiveness.

Puspanjali then moved back to her village. She now carries on Pastor Dibya’s ministry sharing the gospel.

Please Pray
But Monalisa did not go back to the village. She is now 22, has a son, and has not returned to following Christ. Puspanjali sees her from time to time.

Will you say a prayer today for Monalisa? Below are some suggestions for prayer. Can you think of others?

*Pray that Monalisa will understand that she can be forgiven for neglecting her faith and can return to following God’s will for her life.
*Pray that Monalisa will teach her son the truth about Jesus.
*Pray that Monalisa’s grandparents will open their hearts to God’s love for them.
*Pray that government officials and police officers in India will be diligent in protecting Christians from attacks.

(Source: August 2020 The Voice of the Martyrs magazine. Edited for length and age-appropriateness.)



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