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Guess the Unique Gift

The Voice of the Martyrs supporters make it possible for VOM to help persecuted Christians in many ways.

For families who have been affected by persecution, VOM provides:
*Children’s school needs
*Job training
*Moving expenses
*Living expenses
*Legal help

Christians continue to spread the gospel in places where Christianity is discouraged. VOM helps them with:
*Bicycles or other transportation
*Solar powered video projectors
*Horses, camels, or other animals that can carry heavy boxes of Bibles

In Sudan and other places, VOM provides:
*Medical care
*Action Packs
*Family Med Packs
*Emergency food
*Other help for refugees

But VOM recently provided a unique gift for Christians in Central Asia who cannot have baptisms in public places. Can you guess what the gift was? Hint: The answer is two words. The first word begins with “s,” and the second with “p.”
Read tomorrow’s post to find out the answer.


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