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Police Raids and a Birthday

[Photo: Children in Turkmenistan]

Police Raids and a Birthday
Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow is the president of Turkmenistan. He was born on June 29, 1957, so today he is 63 years old. His government strictly controls the lives of Turkmenistan’s citizens.

*It is forbidden to criticize the government.
*Women with jobs at schools or government offices are not allowed to color their hair, use nail polish, or wear “extravagant embroidery” on the tops of their dresses.
*Men who work for the government must not have beards.
*Internet access is limited and controlled.

Life for Christians
Most people in Turkmenistan are Muslims. Government officials watch churches closely, so some Christian families worship together in secret. But they know that authorities could raid their homes to search for Christian books and materials.

VOM sources say that police recently raided several Christian meetings in private homes. One Christian homeowner was fined a week’s wages when police raided his home. Some Christians were held by the police for more than four hours and said they expect to receive fines.

Birthday Prayers
On his birthday, pray that President Berdimuhamedow will come to trust Christ as his Savior and will see that Christians in his country are treated fairly.