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Virus Hasn’t Stopped Attacks — Or Aid

[Photo: A woman in northern Nigeria who received food aid at a VOM distribution]

Do you wonder what’s happening in other countries during the COVID-19 outbreak? Daily activities in many countries have stopped or slowed down because of the global pandemic. But the virus has not stopped violent Muslims from attacking Christian villages in northern Nigeria.

Workers from The Voice of the Martyrs have learned of attacks on 15 cities in two Nigerian states since January 8. More than 400 families have been driven out of their homes.

The virus has also not stopped VOM workers from delivering aid to persecuted Nigerian Christians. “We continue our commitment to serve the persecuted in the midst of the pandemic,” said VOM’s regional director for Africa.

Under lockdown rules, workers have been able to distribute food on the three days a week when travel is allowed. Safety measures protect the people receiving the aid.

Please say a prayer today for Nigerian Christians and for those who bring them aid.