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Gospels in Bottles

Some countries do not allow Bibles to be brought into their country or printed inside the country. In obedience to God’s command to, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation,” The Voice of the Martyrs has been using unique ways to smuggle Bibles for more than 50 years. (See Mark 16:15.) Creative Christians continue to invent new ways.

During of much of the 20th century, the Communist government of Russia restricted Christian activities in their country and the countries they controlled. So Christians outside of Russia put Scriptures inside bottles and dropped them into the sea, hoping they would reach Russia.

A Detour
One time, an unexpected storm drove many of the bottles to the shores of Finland. Newspapers in Finland reported the event.

Russians read the news reports. They realized that the bottles were just like the ones that had floated to Russia many times before. So the Russian government sent 10 spies to Finland to try to find out where the bottles came from. The spies pretended to be Christians and attended Christian prayer meetings to gather information. They hoped their spy work would lead to many arrests of Christians.

New Life for a Spy
But one of the spies listened closely to what was said at a prayer meeting, and he decided to follow Christ! He warned the Christians not to discuss who had sent the Scriptures in the bottles. The secret smuggling work could continue.

Source: Jesus to the Communist World newsletter, October 1970. (The newsletter later became The Voice of the Martyrs magazine.)