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India: Obstacles to Christian Kindness

(Source: VOM Radio. Edited for length and clarity)

Photo: Girl in India

The government of India ordered a lockdown throughout the country because of the coronavirus pandemic. “This lockdown had no warning,” said Brother Bennie, a recent guest on VOM Radio who is part of a ministry that spreads the gospel in India. “People were stuck where they are. For example some of our pastors’ kids are in a Christian boarding school. They are stuck at school, and the situation has become very bad.”

The Salvation Army
Christians in India are trying to help those in need around them. “We are seeing believers doing their best,” said Brother Bennie. “When William Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army, saw homeless people under the London Bridge, he told his son, ‘Do something.’ They came up with the plan to give soup, soap, and salvation. That is how their ministry started. We as a ministry have that desire to help.”

“[Christian believers] are feeding people who are going through town,” said Brother Bennie. “They are helping people who are stranded by giving them groceries and vegetables from their field and things….Believers are trying to reach out to neighbors and their loved ones.”

But Indian Christians are facing obstacles to their kindness. Radical Hindus believe that the Christians are using their gifts of food and aid to try to bribe people to become Christians. They want to stop the Christians who are helping the needy.

“There are people who hate to see what we are doing,” Brother Bennie said.”

Brother Bennie requests that Christians “join us in praying for the suffering from this coronavirus, and those who are ill and those who are trying to help those people.”

To Do
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