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Tips for a Good Presentation

Would you like to make a presentation to your family, group, or class about a country where Christians are persecuted? If you can’t make an in-person presentation, can you create one to go online?

The tips below are from Stef, the children’s publication of SDOK, The Voice of the Martyrs’ sister mission in the Netherlands. (Edited for length and clarity. Adapted for use in the U.S.)

Start Early
Making a good presentation takes a lot of time. Therefore start early! Collect information well in advance. That way you also have time to practice.

Choose a country that you like and that you would like to know more about. It is also smart to choose a topic that someone else in your group has not yet given a talk about.

Finding Information
Collect information you need. If you choose a country where there is persecution, you can find a lot of information on Of course, you can also search for information on other websites and in books, or ask someone who knows a lot about the subject.

Pictures and Videos
Look for good photos to show with your story. Videos are also nice to show.

It is a good idea to practice your speech well a few times, for example, for your parents. They can also give you tips. If you practice your talk, the information is in your mind. That helps if you are going to give your talk to a bigger group.

During your speech, do not always look down at your speech or around the room. Try to look toward the audience.

During Your Talk
Tell your audience why you chose your topic. Why do you find it an interesting subject? Are you giving a speech about persecution? Then also tell what the group can do for children who are being persecuted for their faith. Think of praying, sending mail, or saving money.

To Talk About
*If you were going to give a presentation about another country, which country would you choose?
*Can you think of other tips that would help someone make an interesting presentation?
*A presentation could include country facts, the story of someone in the country, and ideas about how to help Christians in the country you chose. What else would you include?