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Colombia: Sara

Fourteen-year-old Sara Gomez did not have a happy home life. Before his death, her father had abused her. Sara was searching for meaning in her life.

She decided to join a guerrilla group to help them bring about a revolution in her country, Colombia. The group is called FARC. (“FARC” rhymes with “dark.” Guerrillas are people who carry out acts of war, even though they are not part of a regular army.) You can learn about FARC’s beliefs here.

Finding Freedom
Sara learned that the FARC persecuted Christians. She was not a Christian, but she felt compassion for the people that the FARC persecuted.

After a time, Sara left the FARC and married a man named Antonio. Sara and Antonio had four children — one son and three daughters. Christian family members had been praying that she would come to know Jesus. And she did!

“Remembering what I lived through and how God came and got me when I repented,” she said, “I wanted to do so many things for Him after I came to know Him.”

Helping a Friend
Sara’s oldest daughter, who is now 17, had a friend who was at risk of joining the FARC. Sara remembered her own problems as a teenager. She and her family shared the gospel with the girl, who gave her life to Christ. The girl’s parents did not approve of her studying the Bible. But after they saw how her behavior had changed for the better, they wanted to learn more about her faith.

Continuing to Share the Good News
One day, some guerrillas told Antonio that they would kidnap his oldest daughter if Sara did not stop her ministry. So VOM helped the Gomezes move to a new village where they are safer. The family had to leave behind the land that they were farming.

VOM then bought a machine to help Sara make arepas to sell as a street vendor. (Find a recipe for arepas in the next post.) Sara is grateful for the machine. “It’s a big blessing for me,” she said. “Making arepas allows me to evangelize.” (To “evangelize” is to spread the good news of Jesus.)

(Photo: Sara provides Action Bibles to children in Colombia.)