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Myanmar: David’s Story

(The story and headline below come from Stef, the children’s publication of SDOK, a ministry that is part of The Voice of the Martyrs’ family of missions. The headline is in Dutch, the language of the Netherlands. The story, told by a boy named David, has been translated from Dutch.  On Father’s Day, remember David, his sister, and other children who hope to someday be as brave as their courageous fathers.)

My Father Loved the Lord Jesus Very Much
My father went to a Bible study. Buddhist monks waited for him and kidnapped him. My father used to be a Buddhist. The monks did not like that he believed in the Lord Jesus.

He was missing for four days. Then my family found him in the forest. The monks had attacked him because he loved the Lord Jesus, and he died. My mother Daw Cherry, two-year-old sister, Aye Nan, and I remained. My mother could only find work in China, so Aye Nan and I had to go to an orphanage!

Thankfully, we received help! We have a new house, furniture, and a water filter for clean water. My mother received a sewing machine so that she can sew clothes to sell. We also got vegetable seed for the garden. And the best part: chickens! Now we have a nice fresh egg every morning, and we can live at home again because my mother can now take care of us! She no longer needs to go to China to work.

I am sad that my father is no longer on earth, but I know that he lives with the Lord. I hope to be just as brave as he is later.
From David (7 years old)