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Write a Note to Be Smuggled

The April 2020 The Voice of the Martyrs magazine offers readers an opportunity to write a note to people in North Korea. The note says, “God is real” in Korean.

In North Korea, it is illegal to say “God is real,” because the government leaders want citizens to honor them, not God. VOM uses several ways to get the Word of God into hard-to-reach places. Christian workers launch Scriptures into North Korea inside balloons, and they provide MP3 players containing God’s Word to people returning to North Korea from other countries. VOM also launches Bibles by sea. The Bibles are tracked by GPS to make sure they reach the shores of North Korea.

To find instructions for how you can write a note to be included in the Bibles for North Korea, visit

[Photo above: Preparing to launch a Scripture balloon. Left: “God is real” in Korean.]


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