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Nepal: Grishma Finds Peace

(Source: Photo: Grishma. Her eyes are covered to protect her identity.)

Grishma had a hard life. She never knew who her father was, and her stepfather treated her harshly.

When she was 16, some of Grishma’s Christian friends invited her to church where she found peace in Christ. Most people in Nepal follow Hinduism, Buddhism, or animism, or sometimes a mixture of religions. Families and communities often persecute people who become Christians.

When Grishma’s stepfather found out she went to church, he punished her and threatened to stop paying her school fees. But Grishma kept going to church, and he kicked her out of the house. She needed money to support herself, so she took a job with poor conditions where she was abused. She quit going to church.

After three years, Grishma began to think about the peace she had found in Jesus, and she returned to church. When her employer found out, he fired her.

Grishma is happy to be back in church. “She wants to follow Jesus throughout her whole life,” said one of her pastors. “She wants to work for a ministry and serve Him.”

Grishma is now studying at a Christian discipleship training school. Christians are asking God to guide her next steps in life.



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