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Myanmar: Aye’s Big Family

[Photo: Some of Aye’s family.]

(The story below comes from Stef, the children’s publication of SDOK, a ministry that is part of The Voice of the Martyrs’ family of missions. It has been translated, edited, and condensed for clarity.)

God Takes Care of Us
Have you ever seen a family with thirty children? That is a whole bus full! Aye from Myanmar (Burma) comes from such a special family. Her mother and father are the birth parents of five of the thirty children. The others were added later. Aye’s parents take care of them so they cannot be kidnapped. That happens with many children in Myanmar. Some kidnapped children are forced to become child soldiers. Girls can be sold to men as wives. It’s very special to learn that Aye’s father and mother want to take care of them.

Read Aye’s story below.
Hi! My name is Aye, 10 years old, and I live in Myanmar, a neighbor of China. I am a Christian and have lovely parents. And I come from a family of thirty children!

Do you want to know why we live in a house with so many? That’s a difficult question. I live in a quiet place now, but other parts of the country are almost a war zone. If you are a Christian there, you will have a hard time. Especially for children it is dangerous.

An Important Question
One day my father’s good friend, Huan, came to eat with us. He said to my father, “I want to ask you something important. Would you and your wife like to take care of two boys? Their parents have only recently become Christians. They want very much to tell people about God, but they are afraid that their children will be kidnapped to become child soldiers.”

It became very quiet at the table. My father and mother did not answer. That was good, because I thought it was a stupid question. Two more children? We already live with five children in this small house, and there is not even enough to eat. After a minute or so, my father only said, “We will pray for wisdom.” To me, that sounded like “no.” I was reassured because God knows that our pantry is empty.

Two New Brothers
Three days later we were sitting at the table when the door suddenly opened. Do you know who came in the house? Huan, with those two boys! Huan said to my father, “Here are the boys.” You should have seen my father’s face! “Are their parents okay?” my father asked in surprise. Huan pointed to the taller boy and replied, “His parents are well.”

Then he pointed to the younger boy and said, “He only has one parent; his father has died.” I saw the tears in my father’s eyes. “I know what it’s like not to have a father,” he said in a trembling voice. “I really want to take care of them and be like a father to them.”

My father got up and said to the boys, “Welcome to our family. From now on, this is your house and our food is your food. The food does not come from me, but from God. He will make sure that there is enough. I hope our house is a place where you learn a lot about God.”

After a while I also got new sisters.

It’s really special to grow up in such a large family. We do a lot together. We make music, study the Bible, play soccer, and share everything together. My “brothers and sisters” are also happy that they live with us. My 12-year-old brother, Peter, recently said: “If I had grown up where I lived before, I might have been a child soldier. And now I am in school, I lead a group in Sunday school, and I can even play the guitar.”

My parents have never regretted taking care of more children. My father often says, “My heavenly Father takes very good care of me. Therefore, as long as I live, I will be a good father to all my children.”

I have a great dad, right?

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