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Algeria: Amin Finds the Truth

Pressure cookers

Amin is a Christian from Algeria. Recently he shared his story with Todd Nettleton of VOM Radio. You can read what Amin said below. (Edited for length and clarity.)

Amin’s Story
I grew up in a Muslim family. I was among those kids that some people took to the local mosque. They took us through the ABCs of Islam. [Islam is the religion of Muslims.] They saw us as future leaders.

When I was about 12, we heard news coming from Afghanistan about Algerians who died in the battlefields. We were really proud of them.

We didn’t have satellite [TV] channels; we only had radios. I was listening to [Christian radio], and I had heard good stories. As a good Muslim, I wrote down the address and sent them letters trying to convince them that they were wrong. They sent me back a letter and a copy of the Gospel of Luke. I started reading, and I said, “OK, I will show these Christians that their Bible is falsified.”

But at the end of my homework, I found that the Bible is the truth. I was listening to a program whose name in English is “Through the Bible.” The presenter invited the listeners to give their lives to Jesus. I was a teenager, and this is how I came to know the Lord.

Sometime after that, I was at a local house church, and I was cooking. A pressure cooker exploded in my face. I went home and my father said, “This is a warning from heaven.”

At that time, my faith fell apart. I went on the top of my house, and I was asking Jesus, “Where are you? I am in trouble, help me.” Then I felt kind of like someone was there and was hugging me, and I said, “Jesus, You are here.” It was a special moment as if Jesus wanted to tell me that I should be in joy when persecution comes. I experienced joy that comes from heaven. It cannot be human; it cannot come from other sources except from heaven. [Whatever persecution comes], I am ready to pay the price.

To Talk About
*What did Amin’s father mean when he told Amin that the explosion was a “warning from heaven”? What do you think he wanted Amin to do?
*Why did Amin’s faith “fall apart”?
*Can you find any Bible verses that might help persecuted Christians strengthen their faith in time of trouble?

Learn more about Muslims in Algeria in Bold Believers in Algeria and Tunisia, available in the Downloads section.



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