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Country Prayer Reminder

A VOM volunteer made a unique reminder to help her pray for persecuted Christians around the world. Follow the instructions below to make your own prayer reminder.

*Lids from oatmeal containers with tops that are indented (Quaker-brand oatmeal boxes have indented lids)
*Map-themed scrapbook or craft paper, or other paper or felt
*Cording, lacing, or twine
*White glue

*Trace around the lid on craft paper. Cut out the circle. Trim it with scissors until it fits snugly inside the top of the lid. Glue if necessary to secure it.
*Cut out country names from VOM publications, or print the name of a country, continent, or region on a label. Attach the name to the circle.
*Punch a small hole at the top of the circle. Cut lacing or twine to the desired length. Secure it with a knot around the rim and knot the loose ends at the top of the lacing.
*Hang it in a display with others, or hang several in a mobile.
*Pray for Christians in the countries displayed.


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