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Sri Lanka: Jasmine

Jasmine lives in Sri Lanka. She likes to write and draw, and math is her favorite subject. She is a Christian, but she did not go to Sunday school for more than six months last year because she was scared.

On Easter in 2019, Jasmine’s Sunday school teacher asked the children, “If you died, what would happen?” The children confessed their sins and dedicated themselves to God. Later, during church, radical Muslims bombed Jasmine’s church and two other churches. Jasmine and other church members were injured, and sadly, some died of their injuries.

“Jasmine let me listen to her heart, and I could hear the shrapnel pinging around in her chest,” said a woman who works for The Voice of the Martyrs after she visited Jasmine in Sri Lanka recently. The shrapnel (pieces of the bomb) came from the bomb blast. Now Jasmine is scared of loud noises.

Thank God that Jasmine has healed enough to attend Sunday school, and pray that Jasmine will experience God’s peace and continue to grow in her walk with Him.

Learn more about Christians in Sri Lanka in Bold Believers in Sri Lanka, available in the Downloads section.

[Photo: Jasmine and her grandmother]