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Helped by the Police

The story below is from the April 2020 The Voice of the Martyrs magazine. To subscribe to the free monthly magazine, visit the subscription signup page.

When Tran ran out of storage space in his small home, he moved several boxes of illegally printed Bibles to his sister’s apartment, stowing them under her bed until he could distribute them in the Vietnamese highlands. His sister, who is not a believer, called him in a panic one evening after a friend who works for the police stopped by unexpectedly and asked her about the boxes.

Thinking fast, she told her friend the boxes contained educational materials for her brother, who was a teacher. Still, she worried that the Bibles would be discovered. “Tran, come pick up your Bibles!” she told her brother. “It is very dangerous now!”

Tran chuckles as he recalls piling the boxes on his small motorbike in the middle of the night and hoping the police would not stop him. Although he did get stopped, the police officer merely warned him that his boxes could come loose and cause an accident. He then helped Tran tighten the ropes on the boxes of Bibles before waving him on.

Pray for creative ways to distribute God’s Word in restricted countries. Pray that authorities will remain blind to these distribution efforts.

[Photo: Delivering Bibles in Vietnam]


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