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Valentine: A Light in Dark Places

Christian history describes several men named Valentine (or Valentinus), and a woman named Valentina. Legends tell about the courage of a Valentine who died for his faith on February 14th. The legends encourage Christians to stand up boldly for Jesus in the face of struggles.

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“Deep in the woods, under the cover of midnight darkness, couples would meet Valentinus to be joined in marriage.” — from Valentine by The Voice of the Martyrs

The previous post told about a Roman emperor’s law that prevented young men and women from marrying. But Valentinus joined couples in marriage, bringing light to a dark situation.

Later, Valentinus was imprisoned for breaking Roman laws. One day, a guard named Marcus heard Valentinus praying, “Lord Jesus, You are light. Fill this prison with Your light in such a way that those who are here will know You are God.”

When Marcus heard his prayer, he turned toward Valentinus and said, “You say God is light. My daughter has been blind since birth. If your God can make her see, then I will believe in your God.”

So Valentinus prayed God would cause his daughter’s blind eyes to see. The next morning, as soon as he sat up on his straw mat, he saw Marcus grabbing the bars of his cell and shaking them. “She can see!” Marcus exclaimed. “My daughter can see!” And he and his family decided to believe in Jesus.

(Source: Valentine by The Voice of the Martyrs)

Valentine Tea Light
Follow the instructions below to make a Valentine tea light. Give the light to someone, and tell them how Valentinus shared the Light of the World with those who didn’t know Him.

*5-inch plastic, footed dessert cups
*18-inch length of twine
*Double sided tape
*Wooden craft hearts (or make your own with thick paper or cardstock)
*LED flickering tea light

*Attach a 1-inch strip of double sided tape to the back of the heart.
*Remove the backing on the tape and attach the heart to the cup.
*Press tightly to seal.
*Turn on the tea light and place it in the cup.
*Tie the twine in a bow around the stem of the cup.


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