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China: Count the Cost

(Source: VOM Radio. Edited and condensed for length)

Read Luke 14:25-34

Pastor Enfu knows he could go to jail anytime. He is the leader of a church in China that is not registered with the government. Unregistered churches are illegal.

Todd Nettleton of VOM Radio interviewed Pastor Enfu and asked him about life for Christians in China. Read below about their conversation.

Todd: Who can we pray for in China right now?

Pastor Enfu: We have a dear Christian that the government is giving a hard time. He is a university professor, and his son is homeschooled. The government told him, “You need to register your son in school.” He doesn’t want to register his son in school because he wants to disciple his son in the ways of God. In public school in China, they are taught communism. He wants his son to know God’s Word.

Todd: How do you prepare your own heart and your family for the day — if it comes — when you get arrested?

Pastor Enfu: You count the cost when you follow Christ. Jesus didn’t come to have a bed of roses. He didn’t say, “Just follow Me and I will give you the riches of the world.” No!

We teach our children to count the cost. It is important to have family devotions every day. If you teach children when they’re young that there is a cost to follow Christ, they will be okay. Don’t hide it from them and say, “Everything will be good.” Tell them from the beginning that following Christ will cost your friendship with the world.



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