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Nigeria: Grace and Philip

(Source:; photo: Philip and a VOM worker)

At about 7:00 one evening in 2018, Grace and her sister, Patience, were playing with their cousin at the family’s home in Nigeria. Their brother, Philip, was asleep on the couch. Ladi, their mother, was on her way home from the market, and Yakubu, their dad, was taking care of them.

Yakubu heard men’s voices coming closer to the house. Fulani Muslim attackers were in the neighborhood. Yakubu extinguished their kerosene lamp and told the children to hide in the corner behind the couch, and he began to pray. Grace shielded Patience with her body. But as the men entered the house and began striking the family with machetes, the girls screamed, “Jesus!” revealing their hiding place. Both were struck with the attackers’ weapons.

After the attackers left, Yakubu was able to run to the main road, and he found a relative who helped him take the children to the hospital. Their lives were saved. Grace and Philip had the most serious injuries.

Grace has recovered enough to return to school, but sometimes has nightmares. Philip lost an eye in the attack, and has some head injuries. He walks with a limp. He asks God to forgive the attackers.

Please pray for their continued recovery.