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Needed: “Creative New Strategies”

“In the past, we believed shortwave radio would reach the world,” said a recent visitor to The Voice of the Martyrs. The visitor has worked in countries where many have never heard the gospel. He talked about ways Christians have reached people over the years with the good news of Jesus.

“Now we believe satellite TV and social media will reach the world,” he continued. “But I believe there will still be a new gadget invented that will spread the gospel. We need creative new strategies.”

The Voice of the Martyrs helps Christians in hostile nations share the gospel by smuggling, launching Scripture balloons, distributing audio Bibles, and other creative strategies.

To Talk About
*What is a shortwave radio? What is a strategy?
*Can you think of a new way Christians could share the gospel in countries where people have never heard it? Will you be the one to discover a creative new strategy?


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