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Eritrea: Hard Times and a Birthday

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“Our families are in deep suffering here,” said a Christian in Eritrea. Almost 50 children of Christians in Eritrea have been left without adult caretakers because their parents have been sent to prison. Hundreds more Christians are also in prison for their faith.”

“The country is becoming worse and worse,” said another Eritrean Christian. “[There is] no electricity, little Internet connection….All phone calls are being monitored closely.”

The leader of Eritrea is President Isaias Afwerki. He has been president since 1993, and February 2nd will be his 74th birthday. Under his rule, Christians from churches not registered with the government have often been mistreated. Christians have been arrested during prayer meetings, at weddings, off the street, and even during family devotions in their homes.

Please pray for Eritrean Christians, and pray that God will change the hearts of Eritrean leaders.

[Photo: Twen, a prisoner in Eritrea. Send her a note of encouragement by following the instructions at]



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