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Birthday Prayers

Tomorrow is Kim Jong Un’s birthday. Kim is the leader of North Korea. It is not certain whether he was born on January 8, 1983 or 1984.

Kim rules his country strictly and often with cruelty. Read below what it means to follow Christ in North Korea. Then pray for Kim on his birthday. Ask God to make a way for Kim to follow the truths in the Bible.

Note: The following overview is from VOM’s 2020 Global Prayer Guide. Find out how to get a copy at

What It Means to Follow Christ in North Korea
Christians are sent to concentration camps, where they are starved, overworked and tortured. North Koreans have a saying: Whenever two or three people are gathered together, one of them is a spy. This is true even in family settings, as children are taught to spy on their parents from a young age. Therefore, North Korean Christians must be extremely careful in what they say, what they do and how they pray; all must be done in secret.

When a Christian is discovered, the government punishes the entire family. Despite the threat of persecution and heavy social pressure, Christians in North Korea hold firmly to their faith. For example, one North Korean defector told VOM that her mother continued to shelter orphans even after they stole from her. Christian and secular analysts estimate that about 30,000 Christians are suffering in prison and labor camps.

Access to Bibles
It is very dangerous to own a Bible in North Korea. Owning even a few pages of a Bible can result in detention in a concentration camp, but there are still secret ways to obtain one. Most North Koreans have found that memorization is the safest way to keep God’s Word.

VOM Work
VOM provides Bibles via balloon launches, broadcasts Christian teaching over a special radio network and ministers to North Koreans wherever they are found.

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  1. I have been praying for you that the Lord will change your leaders heart and that He will keep you strong in faith. ” He is no fool that looses what he cannot keep ,to gain what he cannot loose.”


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