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What Happens Next?

Every year, The Voice of the Martyrs distributes more than 1 million Bibles to Christians in countries where Bibles can be hard to find. Families, Sunday school and VBS classes, and churches contribute to VOM to support the printing and smuggling of print, audio, and children’s Bibles.

What do you think happens after the Bibles are printed (or recorded) and ready to deliver? “We want to get Bibles to places where no one else is getting them to,” said a VOM worker. How do you suppose the Bibles get to people in hard-to-reach places?

The photo above shows a woman carrying a box of Bibles up a mountain in Burma (Myanmar). It took her about two hours to complete her walk.

The men in the photo below brought boxes of Bibles on their motorcycles to the edge of the floodwaters. Then they unloaded the Bibles and carried the motorcycles across the water. Finally, they left the motorcycles while they returned to haul the boxes on their shoulders by foot across the floodwaters to believers on the other side.

The Christians in remote places of Myanmar and Vietnam are happy to make sacrifices to deliver the Bibles to other believers. They know that without their work and the help of VOM supporters, Christian in their lands might live their entire lives without ever reading or hearing the Word of God.


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