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An Update on Susan in Uganda

Previous posts told the story of Susan, a girl in Uganda whose father locked her in a room after she became a Christian. Neighbors told the police what was happening, and Susan was rescued from the house after several months. But she was sick and weak from the harsh treatment, and she could not even walk and talk. She needed two operations and had to stay in the hospital for a long time.

Thankfully, The Voice of the Martyrs was able to help Susan move to a safer place where Christians care for her and she is able to attend school again. Susan does well in school, but her progress has been interrupted several times for more surgeries. She recently developed an infection and had to return to the hospital. She will have to miss more school during her long recovery.

After a previous surgery, Susan said, “I thank God for everything He’s doing in my life….He is protecting me….I thank God that I’m still alive….I pray that I’m doing school again, and I can use my studies. God knows the right thing for me…“I thank God also for the people who are praying for me …. I think God should bless them SO MUCH!”

Please pray for Susan’s healing and encouragement, for the doctors treating her, and for those providing her care.

[Photo: Susan during recovery from surgery.]