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Hanifah and Nasira: Missing Their Mothers


Hanifa and Nasira are half-sisters in Uganda. Hanifa is 15 and Nasira is 14. (See their photo above.)

The girls’ father is a Muslim. Muslim teachings say that men can have more one wife at the same time. Hanifa and Nasira have different mothers, but both mothers are married to their father.

The girls’ mothers attend a mosque (a building where Muslims worship), but Hanifa and Nasira go to church. When their father found out that they went to a Christian church, he kicked them and their mothers out of the house.

A pastor’s family took the girls into their home. “We are happy to be here where we can freely go to church,” Nasira said. “Pray for us to overcome our fears.”

Although Hanifa and Nasira are thankful for a safe place to live, they don’t know where their mothers have gone. “Pray that we can see our mothers again,” said Nasira.