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A Safe Place for Kids

(Source: The December 2019 The Voice of the Martyrs magazine)

Life can be dangerous for Christian kids in some parts of Myanmar (Burma). Rebel groups who are fighting against other groups take Christian boys from their families. They teach the boys how to be soldiers for their cause. Girls may be kidnapped to become child brides or to be sold in China. Some families have even been forced to give up all their children to the rebels as a penalty for being Christians.

A New Home
Kan and Maiah live in a safer place in Myanmar. They had five children, ages 1 to 13. Then one day, a friend brought two boys, ages 5 and 7, to Kan and Maiah’s home. The boys’ family lived in an area where rebel fighters were active, and the boys were not safe there. “Could you and your wife take care of them?” the friend asked Kan.

Kan and Maiah didn’t know how they would be able to feed two more children, but they trusted God to provide. Four years later, they took in four more children whose families could not protect them, and they added several others over the next few years.

“When the children first arrive,” Kan said, “I tell them, ‘Welcome to the family. This is your home. But you have to know it is not me who feeds you or gives you everything. The one who gives you everything is God, so we will pray and you will learn more about God because everything is under God.’”

Today Kan and Maiah care for seven more children, in addition to three of their own who still live at home. Ten-year-old Aye Chan Mae has lived with Kan and Maiah for two years. She is grateful for their care, for the many siblings she has under their roof, and for her spiritual growth. “We do devotions, and they are always teaching us about God and reading the Bible,” she said. If not for Kan and Maiah’s care, she likely would have been taken as a child bride. (See the photo above of the kids praying.)

Kan and Maiah are thankful that God has allowed them to serve Him by caring for the children. “We don’t feel we deserve to get this far,” said Kan. “But first of all we give thanks to the Lord for helping us take care of these kids — to help them know Him more, to be educated, and to be part of our family. We praise the Lord for His provision and His guidance. We feel that these kids are our own children; they’re part of our family.”

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