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Central Asia: Pastor’s Son Bullied

Many people in the countries of Central Asia are Muslims. Some don’t take their faith seriously, but they still get angry when others in their country choose to follow Christ. They believe that Islam, the religion of Muslims, is part of their culture.

A VOM contact asked pastors in Central Asia about how their congregations get along with local Muslims. Some said they face serious persecution; others said they had not been persecuted — yet.

One pastor told the following story.

“Often I see that children here are left useless, unsupervised, without care and love, which makes them angry. In the beginning, when we moved to this city, my son was not well received by the local children, because they knew he was a Christian. They began to bother him, tried to hurt him in any way, threw stones, and called him names. One day the children surrounded him and tried to set him on fire, saying, ‘You are a Christian, so you will go to hell.’

“When we heard about it, we invited them to visit us. We saw that they were just abandoned and unwanted children in need of love. We just started to care for them and love them, and that changed their attitude toward our son. Now most of these children are friends of my son. Please pray for believers in Central Asia – they need wisdom from above.”

To Think About
*Why were the bullies angry?
*What do you think of the pastor’s decision to invite the bullies to his house?
*Read about Muslims’ beliefs about heaven here.  What are the differences between their beliefs and biblical Christian beliefs?

Learn more about Christians in one Central Asian country in Bold Believers in Uzbekistan, available in the free Downloads section. The photo above is from that book.


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