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Myriam: An Update

A previous post told the story of Myriam, a 9-year-old Iraqi girl whose family was driven from their home in Qaraqosh, Iraq, by ISIS fighters. She left behind her school, church, and friends. Myriam was uncertain of her future, but certain that God is good and would always care for her.

A video of her interview with a Christian TV network went viral, and people all over the world heard about her willingness to forgive her enemies. You can watch the video here.

The December 2019 The Voice of the Martyrs magazine tells what is happening with Myriam now. Read an excerpt from the story below. (Edited for length and clarity.)

When Myriam was 9 years old and living in a refugee camp, she left a reporter speechless by saying she forgave the self-proclaimed Islamic State (ISIS) for displacing her family from their home in Qaraqosh, Iraq. The video of the interview went viral. Myriam, now 14, and her family returned to Qaraqosh earlier this year.

Though looted and scarred by a few bullet holes, their home was one of the few still intact. Myriam and her family were dismayed by the damage but thankful their home was still standing when so many others had been destroyed. They were also thankful to see that their family Bible had survived over the years. On Easter Sunday 2019, Iraqi Christians, including Myriam and her family, gathered in churches across Qaraqosh to worship and celebrate their hope in Christ.

Today, Myriam and her sister, Zomorod, are back in school in their hometown. When asked if she still forgives ISIS, Myriam said, “Of course I forgive them. I love Qaraqosh. It’s where I was born and studied during my childhood. But the more important thing is that I love to see people believing in God.”

(Photos courtesy of SAT-7 TV.)