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Sports and Games: What Do You Think?

(Source: The Torchlighters Ultimate Activity Book.)

We know that when John Bunyan was a young man, he enjoyed playing a game called “tipcat” and engaging in other pastimes, but sometimes he felt guilty for doing so. Is it OK for Christians to play games? What do you think?

Most Christians today believe they can play games that encourage good behavior and build character. Some Christians use sports and games as an opportunity to witness about their faith to non-Christian players. What do you think?

How Much Is Too Much?
When is watching or playing games a distraction from more important activities? An American pastor said, “Anyone who spends more time playing video games than seeking God in prayer has no right to call Jesus Lord.” What do you think of the pastor’s statement? (Read some Bible verses about prayer in 1 Thessalonians 5:17, Matthew 6:7, and Matthew 6:9–13.)

In the 1500s, King Henry VIII of England banned a number of games because he believed they would distract his soldiers from their duties. Do you think it would be wise for government leaders to tell people how much time they could spend on sports and games? Is it effective for parents and teachers to make rules about playing games at home or in class? What do you think?

What games do you like to play or watch others play? Do any of those games ever take time away from your Bible reading, prayer, homework, household chores, commitments, or opportunities to serve others?

Make a Rule
What do you think would be a good rule for time allowed to spend on games? (For example, “I can play games for 30 minutes after my homework is done, if it’s not time for bed yet.”)


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