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Indonesia: Evelyn

Twelve-year-old Evelyn has visited doctors many times in the past year. She had a broken right wrist and severed nerves in three fingers on her right hand. Because of her injuries, she learned to write with her left hand.

Evelyn also went through three operations to remove shrapnel from her legs and feet. The shrapnel and her injuries came from a bomb blast at her church in Indonesia on May 13, 2018. Muslim terrorists attacked three churches in the area on that day.

Evelyn’s aunt, Wenny, and her cousins, 11-year-old Evan and 6-year-old Nathan were also injured in the attack. Men at the church took them to the hospital, but sadly, Nathan and Evan died of their injuries. Evelyn had lived with her aunt, uncle, and cousins for six years before the attack, and she misses her cousins very much.

Wenny asked her pastors for help in forgiving the attackers. She finds healing in sharing her story. “Some churches and groups invite me to share my testimony with them,” she said. “And I am happy to do that to be a blessing.”

Wenny will also help Evelyn as she continues to heal from her physical and emotional wounds. Will you pray for them?

(Source: The November 2019 The Voice of the Martyrs magazine. Edited for length, clarity, and age-appropriateness.)



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