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India: Savithri


Each year The Voice of the Martyrs works through its global network of staff and partners to reach the children of persecuted Christians in restricted nations and hostile areas with a special Christmas Care Pack. The contents are tailored to the needs of children in each region.

Savithri, one of the children in India who received a Christmas Care Pack, sent VOM the following message.

Savithri said:

“I was a 6 months old baby. My elder sister was 2 years old. Terrible jaundice related to cancer took away my father from this world. My mother became a widow, and I and my sister became fatherless. My mother is not educated. To survive and to take care of us, she is working as a servant in rich families. She wash vessels, clothes and clean the houses.

“We will be waiting for our mother to come from their houses, because she will bring leftover food from their houses. Sometimes she brings old clothes also. Whatever the food she brings, we eat. Whatever the clothes she brings, we wear. My sister and me like Sunday school very much, because we learn about our heavenly Father there.

“The backpack is so nice. I am so happy. Thank you for towel, bedsheet, torch [flashlight] and so many other things that you gave me. I needed a torch, because here very dark in the night. Sometimes snakes and scorpions will be going here and there. Now I am 9 years old. I am in 4th grade. Please pray for me.”

Watch The Voice of the Martyrs magazine and future posts on this site for upcoming information about how to participate in this year’s Christmas Care project.